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Sweet. That was fun. Got up to 105! Controls took some getting used to but once you figure out how to use the down arrow you've got it.

Ok, that is impressive... The most I got is 120... thank god i didnt insert a leaderboard.... Did you get to check any of the messages???

I think I got one. Do you mean when it says that back-up was delayed?

there are about 8 of them showing up at various stages... I will add a voice over on the post-post-post jam update to make them stand out...

That'd be cool. I think I only got the one but I was pretty focused on the action so it's possible I missed others. Having it be voiced over would definitely resolve that. 

Very challenging (in a good way). 

Thank you for the feedback... When i am on a pc i will be sure to check your dino game too...

Really enjoyable challenge, great job! I think I may have found a bug though: if you press down to rotate instantly while moving,  boost forward for a second and then  let go of the up arrow key, the ship will start accelerating backwards. If I had to guess, this might be because the acceleration gained by the extra boost is track separately from the normal acceleration.


Glad you like it.. 

the thing is that you only keep the speed with  the thrusters while the <z> boost will give you speed while you keep it pressed. It goes against space physics but you know... 2 day Jam... 2 day space jam... and not the one with michael jordan...

Control wasn't particularly easy. Back button may also give thrust, so that it is more intuitive.

Extra hard to just go and get supply. Perhaps Make the supply area bigger so that it tolerates more mistakes.

But to make it really fun, how about a tractor beam to slowly snap player into the bay? Perhaps make it an upgrade too

But general gameplay is quite interesting. The need to go back for supply is fun. Just wish it will be more rewarding because to just go back is already quite a challenge

(and me too. i did not realize the icon's dual purpose as the health bar of the base, until late into the first game. Good thing is that i noticed it before the second play-through)

Thanks for the feedback... The controls should get easier when you practice a little. When I started it I wanted to have real-space physics which is why once you get speed with the thrusters, it stays... I will definitely work on them more..

About the charging, someone also mentioned it in discord and i thought of a tractor beam that if you press a button on top of a charging port it freezes while you keep that button pressed and charges... If I add missions in the future this would come handy for picking up things too...

Even just having a button that functioned as a brake might do the trick there. For me the tricky part isn't getting to the recharge stations but not drifting away too quickly.

And now the tractor beam is implemented with the <C> button... And the HUD is (hopefully) more clear... Try it out if you have the time...

thanks for the quick update! i ll try it once i m out of work

i love this game but I didn't know where health of the stations parts were until after sometime still really good mechanics really good game

Thanks for the comment... I made the HUD graphics at about 2 hours before the jam ends so in future updates they will be better...